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这是国内第一台自动app硬度自动检测线,标志着下载硬度试验由传统台式试验,开始走向智能自动化生产系统同步应用,不仅提高了工作效率,而且测试效果准确、安全、直观,通过采用智能识别判定技术可直接对测试结果进行分类,大大减轻了人员操作强度。 咨询热线:400-805-3385 在线咨询:在线咨询请点这里
Our company innovated the first Online Brinell Hardness Automatic Test System in China, marking the synchronization application of material hardness test from the traditional desktop test to the intelligent automation test system.
 It not only can improve work efficiency, but also can reach the precision, safety and intuitive test efforts.
The adoption of the intelligent identification technology on the classification of the test results could greatly lower the physical labor strength of operator.