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Brinell hardness testing machine app硬度测试仪(产品样本)

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用 法:把测头放置于app硬度压痕平面上,调准压痕位置后, 由系统自动调整
成像,使用者点击测量键或系统自动测量(配控制器),系统自动计算出压痕直径和HB值并作出是否有效的判定(有语音提示),1秒钟内压痕直径和app硬度值显示在屏幕上。它同时也显示某些特性指标、产生压痕的球头直径和载荷、测试序号和时间等。符合标准:ISO 6506, ASTM E10, GB/T231
Method of use:
To probe placed in brinell hardness indentation plane, alignment indentation location, by the system automatically adjust
Imaging, users click on measurement or automatic measurement system (controller), the system automatically calculates the indentation diameter and HB values and make the judgement of effectiveness (voice), 1 seconds indentation diameter and brinell hardness value displayed on the screen.It also shows some characteristics index, produce the indentation diameter of ball head and load, test sequence number and time, etc.Accord with a standard, ISO 6506, ASTM E10, GB/T231
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特 点:
 准确,快速,重复性好,携带方便,方便校准,操作简单。
 代替传统亚博体育读数、查表、计算的测量方式。
 适用于各型app硬度计,工业现场、实验室及工件生产线的在线测试。
 实时测量计算并显示压痕直径和硬度值。
 具有上下限设置分选正网。
 数据分析,自动计算最大最小值,平均值,标准差。
 测量结果可转换为维亚博、洛亚博、强度,进行参考比对。
 历史数据、测量结果自动存档,随时调用。
 具有系统校准正网。自动生成试验报告。
 试验参数极丰富,覆盖3000kgf,1500 kgf,1000 kgf,750 kgf,500 kgf,250 kgf,187.5 kgf,100kgf, 62.5 kgf;10mm,5mm,2.5mm。
 硬度测量范围3.18HBW-658HBW。
 满足国际和中国国家标准。该系统可以使缺少经验的使用者得到0.001mm精度的app硬度读数,
 Excel导出测试文件,并可实现网络协议传输数据(数据库)。
 Accurate, fast, good repeatability, easy to carry and convenient calibration, the operation is simple.
 Instead of traditional optical microscope readings, look-up table, calculate way of measurement.
 Applicable to various brinell hardness tester, industrial field, laboratory and production line of the workpiece online test.
 Real-time measuring calculation and display the indentation diameter and hardness values
 Set the sorting function has upper and lower limits.
 Data analysis, automatic computing maximum minimum, average, standard deviation.
 Measurements can be converted to vickers hardness, rockwell hardness, strength, for reference
 Historical data, automatic measurement results archive, to call at any time
 With functions of system calibration.Automatic generation of test report.
 Test parameters are very rich, covering 3000 KGF, 1500 KGF, 1000 KGF, 750 KGF, 500 KGF, 250 KGF, 187.5 KGF, 100 KGF, 62.5 KGF;10 mm, 5 mm and 2.5 mm.
 Hardness measurement range 3.18 HBW - 658 HBW.
 Meet the international and Chinese national standards.The system can make less experienced users get 0.001 mm accuracy of brinell hardness readings,
 Excel export test files, and can realize the network protocol to transmit data (database)
3、示值误差≤±2%至±3% (与测试硬度值范围有关)
Technical parameters:
 Indentation measurement precision: plus or minus 0.5%
 Hardness measurement range: 3.18 HBW ~ 658 HBW
 Or less of error of plus or minus 2% to plus or minus 3% (related to test hardness value range)
 Repeatability: 0.8%

app硬度测试数字体育。 Portable brinell hardness microscope(American chip)
笔记本电脑。(或台式电脑)Notebook computers. (or desktop computers)
专用连接缆线。Special connection cables
CD软件安装盘,加密锁。Software installation CD disks, effectively for its.
铝合金专用包装箱。Aluminum alloy special packing chest.
校准化用标准块。Calibration standard. Use
转换头。Convert head
使用手册。Use manual
装箱单。Packing lis
10、装箱单。Packing lis

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Online test controller, and form a complete set of production line to use, by industrial PC to realize unmanned automatic sorting products.

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