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Founded as a side project by TANK86 members Rogier Berben (drums) and Jochum van Weert (bass/vocals), Duskhead takes a more song-structured approach to the heavy rock and stoner sound. After dropping 2 EPs and playing a few dozen shows in the Dutch underground in 2013 and 2014, the focus shifted back to TANK86 and Duskhead went into hiatus.

Fast forward to 2024 and the band crashes onto the scene again. Recruiting the mighty Elmer Meijers (The Grand Astoria, Blacktop) on guitar and vowing to add a more than healthy dose of fuzz to their sound. They are gearing up to record their heaviest album yet and to bring their particular brand of catchy stoner outings to stages everywhere.

The sun is setting and Duskhead is coming. Get ready to fuzz out hard!


Upcoming Duskhead live shows:

Date Location Details
Fri. March 8th 2024 Little Devil, Tilburg (NL) Into The Shadow fest (sold out)
Wed. March 13th 2024 De Onderbroek, Nijmegen (NL) with Samavayo (DE)
Sat. April 13th 2024 Xinix, Nieuwendijk (NL) Lentefestival
Duskhead 2.0 testflight
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Music videos

What are we up to?

After a 9 year hiatus we're currently jamming our asses off to write new songs and revise old ones.
We're practicing our stage moves, rockstar-poses and tough-guy facial expressions. We're doing a short run of shows in early 2024 to try out Duskhead 2.0 before hitting the studio to record some new tracks.

Want to book Duskhead? Contact us and follow us on Instagram, Bandcamp and Facebook to stay up to date.

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